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SWD documents are published in one language, apart from the summaries of impact assessments, which are published in all the official languages of the EU.

For the other languages you will find translations of the legislation in force at the time of the accession of the country in question and the texts adopted after this date.Learning how to read a CELEX number will help you search faster and understand how documents are related .It has 4 parts : Exceptions: Some documents, such as treaty protocols or declarations have a slightly different CELEX structure.are thus combined as a 'consolidated family' in one easy-to-read document in which you can find the current status of the EU law.If any corrigendum is published after the last amending act was incorporated, we will consolidate it immediately, unless it provides only a minor change.

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You can also view the documents involved, details about the stage of the procedure, the decisions by each institution, the departments responsible, etc. The electronic version of the Official Journal is uploaded in PDF, together with its signature on the day of its publication.

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