Who was dating elvis when he died

So when Freddie Mercury sent him Crazy Little Thing Called Love, it meant that he, and not Queen, had the hit single.

The hits just kept coming as top musicians, including Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton, queued up to play with him.

Always generous to the point of carelessness, he decided soon after his heart attack to fund the Elvis Presley Clinic For Addiction in Memphis — a more useful place, he believed, to put the half of his earnings that Colonel Parker had been gambling away in Las Vegas.

Almost inevitably, his funding gave his detractors cause for wry amusement when, after a romantic upset with a swimwear model, he once found himself turning up there as a short-stay patient.

When he’d finished, he turned to Dolly Parton’s country hit I Will Always Love You.

But he now found that film folk soon developed amnesia when money was in the air, and a big break came when he was chosen over Harrison Ford to play the cop in Witness. The decision to cast him alongside Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman might have flattered his ego in 1990, but the age difference between the two stars dampened the box office figures. But his part in Shawshank Redemption alongside Morgan Freeman in 1994 was a wiser choice, and won him an Oscar nomination.His life, the TV presenter was saying, had been saved when his 20-year-old girlfriend, asleep in his adjacent bedroom, had been woken by the sound of his unconscious body hitting the bathroom floor. The paramedics who brought you in had all but given you up for dead.’Elvis didn’t reply.What he wanted to talk about was something that had happened to him in the hours while he’d been unconscious. Looking young and slim, she talked to him in the way she had when he was 12 years old, and she encouraged him to get a guitar for his birthday instead of the bicycle or hunting rifle he really wanted.‘You could play it when you sing, and you know people like to hear your singing,’ she reminded him.Elvis Presley died 40 years ago this week — but as, over the decades, so many fans have continued to insist he is still alive, it’s become a commonplace joke that he’s been spotted on a ranch in Arizona, or on the check-out at Lidl in Nottingham, or even, as Kirsty Mac Coll sang, working in a local chip shop. The next thing he was aware of was coming round in a bed in the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis and watching a TV headline news item about how the day before, August 16, 1977, he’d suffered a massive heart attack. ‘Elvis,’ the cardiac surgeon told him, ‘with the way you’ve been abusing your body you shouldn’t be here today. One minute he’d been at home in his Graceland bathroom reading a book about the imprint of Jesus’s face on the Shroud of Turin, which he’d then followed by a few pages of pornography.

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