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John Carta, who also composes the music cues to signify scene changes and commercial breaks, composed the music for the song.

The song's lyrics describe the basic premise of the television series.

Miley's dad, however, says she can't go unless she passes her class.

She creates a song that helps her to remember everything she needs to know for her test, and she ends up passing the class. In this two-part cliff-hanger, Jake returns after three months of shooting a movie that he left for right after kissing Miley for the first time, (number 5). Miley had to choose between the boy she had history with--Jake, and the bad boy who played guitar in her band--Jesse.

This episode was when Miley's evil cousin, Luann, came to visit.

She tried convincing everyone that Luann was evil, and no one believed her.

The sequence then switches to full-screen episode clips (most of the clips used in the Season One version of the sequence were of the early produced episodes) with the creator's names appearing in the second-to-last clip.

The show's title logo design appears at the beginning, and again at the end, of the sequence (the latter portion as with most other portions of the sequence on the "concert stage" feature Cyrus as her character Hannah Montana).

I wanted to spotlight this memorable show, so I thought a trip down memory lane would be appropriate.

It introduces the five main characters of the series and Miley Stewart's situation of living a secret double life as a teen pop star.

The season also introduces several significant recurring characters such as Roxy Roker, Jake Ryan, and Rico Suave.

This was the episode where we all learned the meaning of true friendship.

Miley allowed this huge zit to stay on her face on a billboard in order to make Lilly feel better about her wearing her glasses.

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