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Nor will she take any nonsense from immature men, happy that her love interest in Beautiful Creatures is written as loyal with a big heart.“There are so many of these young-adult movies with these cold guys who act like jerks to girls but are hiding soft sentiments.

But in the real world most guys who act like jerks are jerks. I spent a lot of high school thinking that horrible guys must be very sensitive and interesting and it's not true.”Having got her acting chops on her mother's short films The Water Diary in 2006 and 8 in 2008, Beautiful Creatures marks her first major feature film.

Nor was she the most popular girl in class.“I almost managed it briefly because I had nice hair but then I was just too weird.

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I swear, you put everyone in a classroom and it's just the same again.

There's something about a classroom, everyone's just suddenly bad.

There have been many imitators since but you will not see the quality and quantity like here at Cursors-4

On the cusp of receiving the same kind of instant fame that was thrust upon Kristen Stewart after Twilight, Alice Englert is naturally a little nervous today.

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If it seems a little uppity to turn one's nose up at an offer to star with such a cast, Englert has her defence ready.

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