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The Bible is full of accounts of great women whose exercise of internal power had decisive effects on Jewish history.Sarah understood the negative moral impact of Ishmael's example on Isaac.At some points in history, Jacob would triumph; at other times, Esau would triumph.The (Chapter 9) states that this struggle is not only between the Jewish nation and its adversaries, but that it also exists within each individual.If women have financial clout or high political or business positions, it is thought, then they too can determine the changes that will affect their lives and the lives of others.But the feminist movement has failed to recognize another, more subtle form of power: internal power -- the ability to affect other people's ethics and values.

Arab violence intensified leading up to Israel's independence: A few weeks later, three trucks carrying explosives blew up on Jerusalem's Ben Yehuda Street, destroying buildings and killing 56 Jews; two weeks later another car bomb blew up at the Jewish Agency building in Jerusalem, killing 13 people.

While external power may procure a high corporate position, internal power will determine whether that corporate executive will be honest or embezzle.

Women's quest for external power has left a frightening vacuum in Western society in the area of moral training, where women formerly held sway.

She insisted that he be sent out of the household, which Abraham could not bring himself to do until God emphatically told him, "In all that Sarah says to you, hearken unto her voice." Commentaries on this verse state that Sarah was a greater prophet than Abraham, for she could see the long-range moral corruption that could jeopardize future generations of the Jewish people through exposure to a violent and ruthless example at a formative stage.

The sages of the Talmud (that portion of Jewish law that was originally oral but is now written) credited the redemption from Egypt to the merit of the "righteous women," who, against the judgment of their husbands, saw that they must continue to procreate despite Pharaoh's death sentence on all Jewish male babies.

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