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While taking photos, Rocco tells Mirka how one of the girls got rich just the other day when she found out a client had lots of money with him and called Rocco.

Rocco came and took the money, killing the client and splitting the cash with the girl.

She speaks about her husband, Sergei, who is too consumed with his job working for a crooked Russian businessman, to love her anymore. She has feelings for another, her boss, and she is secretly in love with.He tells her that his next trip will probably be to Berlin.Rose exclaims that she has never been to Berlin and would love to go.He's come home, and both of them then head out to their daughter's school play that night and tend to her after she forgets her lines.Later in bed, Rose then recalls Michael's voice messages the previous night, saying that he misses her and that he wished she could be there with him.

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He and Laura bump into each other when Laura inadvertently sits at his table in a restaurant at the airport.

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