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What was your take on it all when it was happening? It was also quite interesting for my son to read about his mum when I was dating her.RW: What, that our manager decided to sue them for stealing our name? Eric and I always teased each other, like, "You knicked my bird!

I did keep a diary of 1966 as well, I'm quite interested to read that.MR: The book documents your adventures in 1965, a particularly interesting period in music.In general, what do you think was going on that caused such a creative boom.The album was release in October on Zoho Records and features a number of notable guest stars with "Cumbia Universal" featuring Ruben Blades on vocals.FYI, Blades won a Latin Grammy for Best Salsa Album last night. "This song might be the titled of the album and its significance is very important in the album's concept.

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