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Since Ti is a Judging function, INTPs often take themselves and their lives rather seriously.Even from a relatively young age, they are self-motivated and goal-oriented, striving for excellence in whatever captures their interests.Because of their reluctance to freely display the rational dimension of their personality, as well as the scattered nature of their Ne expressions, INTPs often feel their true level of knowledge and competence goes unnoticed by others.This is especially common in the workplace, where their lack of enthusiasm for organizational life, combined with their quirky outward demeanor, may be mistaken for incompetence.INTPs’ first preference is Ti, followed by Ne, Si and Fe respectively.

They may, for instance, use it to master video games, program computers, get good grades, or perfect their 5 K time.

While they may not discover their intellectual side quite as early as an INTJ might, once their auxiliary function, Extraverted Intuition (Ne), has been fully awakened, they display an insatiable appetite for ideation and theorizing.

INTPs have a deep need for personal autonomy and independence of thought.

They generally avoid direct eye contact, as though the gaze of their interlocutor may somehow harm them or render them incapable of thinking or communicating.

INTPs often have enough insecurity about the discombobulated nature of their Ne expressions in the first place.

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