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Plus, thanks in part to the talents her bullies tended to have, they somehow managed to end up getting away with it, whether it was simply because of their title, or because they used their talents to get away with it.

Even the teachers couldn't help her with her dilemma, due to never finding any proof of these "bullying's" that she claims she's gone through.

Naegi's pupils dilated in fear as he began to slowly slide his tongue back into her shirt once more. I need some "things" too..." He grinned wickedly as his tongue once again began to slowly slide inside of her shirt, coming deeper and closer to her chest.

Ever wonder what the Mutual Killing games would be like if just ONE character happened to have a different gender? It'll give you a semi-order experience of nearly-everything that Naegi went through during her times at Hopes Peak Academy in Chronological order, or at least close to it : P Just keep in mind some chapters I ended up skipping events since i couldn't think of what to do at the time or they gave me writers block forcing me to skip them.

Ever wonder how the story would play out if that Gender-swapped character happened to be Makoto Naegi himself- or perhaps, Herself! So enjoy the flashbacks and any memories the flashback brings ^^ Also, I'll be posting a rather special announcement at the bottom of this page, so if you wanna skip all of this or read something actually written after the long page of flashbacks, lemme know : P!

And now, she was suffering bullying, but of a completely different variety.

From the proclaimed Super High School Level Bodyguard, Isshiki Madarai, he caught wind of her constant harassment.

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