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Describing yourself as a “results-driven professional with bottom-line orientation and demonstrated throughput” is just dressing up “I have a good work ethic” in fancier clothes.

Overuse of buzzwords can be a red flag for hiring managers that you may be concealing a lack of real experience with a smokescreen of corporate-speak.

Remember, you’ve only got one page to “wow” a hiring manager. The Filler: A Redundant Objective Job search experts are already divided on the usefulness of the objective statement.

It can be a good way to introduce yourself and emphasize the statements you made in your cover letter, or it can be a colossal waste of time and space.

Statements like “I have more than [X] years of experience” or “I assisted with” do nothing to demonstrate your talents.

The Fix: Creative writers are often told “Show, don’t tell.” The same maxim applies to writing a winning resume. Instead of saying that you’re a team player, describe a situation where you lead a team to meet a specific goal.

The worst thing you can do when crafting an objective is to start with the phrase, “I am seeking a job/career/position….” The hiring manager has already figured this out because you applied for the job.

Like the stock phrase above, a redundant objective wastes prime resume real estate.

Such companies offer a wide variety of unmoderated matchmaking services, most of which are profile-based.Swap out “strong work ethic” for examples of your productivity.Use quantifiable, real-world illustrations of your work.Even if you don’t have to supply your references up front, you’ll certainly be asked for them if you make it past the initial interview.The Fix: All this tired phrase does is occupy valuable space, so cut it.

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The Filler: “References Available Upon Request” This stock phrase contributes nothing to your resume.

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