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Father-of-six Murphy publicly dumped Mel on Dutch TV show RTL Boulevard in December 2006 when he announced: 'I don't know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test.' Weeks after splitting from Mel, who was five months pregnant at the time, Murphy went public with new girlfriend Tracey Edmonds, who claimed they had been dating since October.Eddie has since forged a strong bond with his daughter and Mel insists the pair have made amends.TMZ claims one of the reasons Mel likes the cop so much is because he carries a gun and she's 'scared' of her estranged husband Stephen.It has previously been reported that Mel has obtained a restraining order against her ex amid allegations he carries a gun.

While passing through at 5 mph you notice that as soon as your beau makes eye contact with the shady characters hanging out there (and your sweetie definitely makes a point to make eye contact) they each look down, or away, before backing into the darkness of door frames and alleyways. When meeting your friends and family, your date stands a bit sideways with his dominant hand positioned at his waist, near his pocket (you later learn that the dominant hand is the gun hand).For a moment your mind almost convinces you to introduce your date as Billy the Kid, or Wyatt Earp.It’s at this point when you realize you’re dating a cop.She raises daughter Angel, ten, with her ex Eddie Murphy, with whom she is now on good terms after he initially denied he was the father of her child.And Mel B seemingly has a type since it has been claimed by TMZ that she is dating a real life Beverly Hills cop - much like the character the comedian famously played in the film franchise.

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During the end-of-evening embrace you feel the slight touch of your date’s hands at the mid point between your shoulder blades. Then you notice the touch moving downward, slowly tracing the length of your spine, stopping at your waist. And you were definitely surprised, but sort of okay with it, when you felt a hand gently and slowly slide into that area where your legs meet.

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