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As you drift into the sky, enjoy the silence and serenity of the morning, watching as the day starts for the colourfully dressed inhabitants below. Travel by train and local 'tempo' to reach Orchha.

From high in the sky, you may float over ancient forts, exquisite palaces, and lively villages moving with people - and elephants! Enjoy some time away from India's bustling city and gain insight into rural life.

Participate in a candle and flower ceremony while on the water.

Explore the ruins at the site of the Buddha's first sermon.

Meet some beneficiaries of the program and learn how to make Nepalese momos (dumplings) with some of the women before enjoying an authentic local lunch. After introductions, your CEO will review the details of your tour.

Please note that normal check-in times apply at our start hotels, but you can usually store your luggage for the day if you arrive early.

Our products help to make your production processes faster, more efficient, quieter, safer and more sustainable.

If you’re looking to experience the diversity of India and Nepal, this 15-day trip contrasts the colourful culture of India with the pristine serenity of Nepal's Himalayan mountains.

The region is home to rhinos, elephants, Bengal tigers, bears and leopards.Take time to experience the culture and history or discover the shops and stalls in the Old City.In a deer park, he preached his first discourse and set in motion the ' Wheel of the Dharma'. Travel to this UNESCO World Heritage Site and enjoy an overnight homestay with the indigenous Tharu community.Explore the main complex, blossoming gardens, and the lake.Begin your day at dawn, just as the sun starts to rise over the incredible city of Jaipur.

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In the evening, catch an overnight train to Varanasi.

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