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Please note: This adoption agreement is not to be completed until your Adoption Application is approved, and it is not valid until signed by a rocket dog representative, at which time a fully executed (signed by both parties) will be emailed to you.

I'm about six years old and weigh around ten pounds. We are located in the High Desert, Phelan, next to Victorville and Hesperia.

While we do our best to identify special needs animals at intake, behavior and medical issues may be noted or arise at any time, which may cause an animal to appear on these lists any time after impound.

These pages are live and are intended to provide the most current information on special needs animals at OC Animal Care.

If they knew just what happens to dogs after their owners walk out the door, shelters might be a lot more empty.

If you can no longer keep your pet and want to find him a good home, dumping him at a shelter may not be your best option. Zach Skow, founder of California-based rescue Marley's Mutts can't say it loudly enough: "The vast majority of dogs don't make it out alive." They are up against the greatest odds.

Mothers and nursing babies may be picked up at the end of the legal retention period.

Animals are designated on this list as - These animals are in need of immediate rescue commitment.

Best Friends, for example, has shelter facilities Utah and California that don't put a single animal down.

North Shore Animal League America follows a similarly humane mantra.

They have already met their legal retention period and have been evaluated and found to not be suitable for public adoption.

Once an animal is designated RESQ-BHV it will be given 5 days for rescue organizations to commit to adopting. If your organization is interested in a dog that is RESQ-BHV, they will need to contact the Rescue Coordinator prior to the review date to make arrangements to adopt.

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